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Arnie Dillow performs
My Aromatic Armpit Is Astonishing to All
From the album Accordion Americana
The Barbershop Beagles perform
Bud Believes in Betty (But Betty Believes in Brad)
From the album Blame It on the Baloney
Crosby Crocko, Cat Cundiff, and Chicken D’Inner perform
Mmm, Clams
From the album A Classical Conundrum Volume III
Darryl and the Dodo Devilettes perform
Dubba Dubba Dachshund Dance
From the album Disco รก-Dodo
Easy Listening
Ella Fontaine performs
An Enchanted Elbow
From the album The Essential Ella Fontaine: Easy Listening for Everyone
The Fabulous Foxes of Folk perform
Fleas in the Flapjacks, Fiddledeedee
From the album Frankfurter Fandango
Glam Rock
Giggly Stargazer & the Goats of Glam perform
Gnarly Gnomes
From the album I Gargle with Gusto
Hip Hop
The Hip-Hop Hedgehogs perform
Hey Howard
From the album Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
Ivanna Juana Irving performs
I Am an Inspiration to Me
From the album I Am an Inspiration to Me
Jaguar Jamieson and Jenni Jerboa perform
Judy Jumps on Jupiter
From the album Jump Jive & Jazz
The Klezmer Kangaroos perform
I’m Keen on Kugel
From the album Klezmer Kangaroos
Leo Lionel performs
I Like to Lick Lemons
From the album A Little Lounge Music
Mandy & the Meerkats perform
I’m in the Mood for Mustard
From the album Mandy & the Meerkats
New Age
Natalia Numbat performs
Nancy’s in the Neighborhood
From the album It’s Nice on Neptune: Music of the New Age
Olga O’Brien performs
The Oysters Are a Little Off
From the album The One & Only Olga the Ostrich of Opera
Penny Platypus, Percy Pigson, and Paul Poodelle perform
Philip, Phone the Plumber (It’s Time to Pump the Pot)
From the album Porkchop Paradise
String Quartet
The Quintessential Quokka String Quartet performs
You&rsquore Not Quite Qualified
From the album Quicksteps and Quadrilles
Rascal Ratt and the Rockabilly Rabbits perform
Rhapsody for a Rogue Rodent
From the album Rascal Ratt and the Rockabilly Rabbits
The Sensational Sloth Boys perform
Sometimes the Soup Is Salty
From the album Slow Surfin’ ’67
Tubby Tapir performs
Teeny Tiny Teacup Toad
From the album Let’s Twist Tomorrow and Tuesday Too
Ursula Umbrellabird performs
So Many Ungrateful Ungulates
From the album Uptown Ukulele
The Vampire Bat Vaudeville Revue (with Veronica Vole) perform
Eat Your Vittles, Vivian
From the album The Vampire Bat Vaudeville Revue (with Veronica Vole)
Western Swing
Weazelle Donahue performs
Whoa, That Weevil Is Weird
From the album Weazelle
Xavier Xoloitzcuintli performs
Use Your Inside Vox
From the album XOXO, Xavier
Yvette Yak and Yohan Yak perform
The Yokel Over Yonder
From the album Yodelay-Yoo-Hoo
The Zydeco Zebras perform
You Snooze, You Ooze
From the album Zigzag Zinnia